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Minister Taluva says skills development is being considered as a deterrent from the drug trade

Internal Affairs Minister Major General Retired David T.O. Taluva whilst giving an update on the internal Security in relation to tackling the drugs crisis in Sierra Leone, during the Ministry of Information and Civic Education’s weekly briefing on 26th August 2023, has confirmed that there is a high increase in lawlessness and drug abuse, but that not all lawlessness is as a result of drugs. He explained that there are other factors that enable these behaviors, such as poor upbringing, reckless driving and more, which his ministry is aiming to address.

He conveyed his genuine concern that the alarming rate at which the young people are now engaging in drug intake is a growing worry for the government whose focus on the youth is part of its key agenda.

He advanced that the Ministry of internal affairs has presented a paper on dealing with the issues surrounding the drug called “Kush”, with one of the proposed strategies being the empowering of those who sell the drugs with other more meaningful and productive ways that will discourage them from selling the drugs.

He labeled the prevalence of this drug as a war on society’s development and affirmed that in the fight against drugs, it is essential that these people are trained in skills and the users themselves rehabilitated and empowered with skills on their reintroduction into society.


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