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MoH Fortifies Alliance with Press at Convened Town Hall Meeting

The Ministry of Health's Communication Unit recently convened a town hall forum, inviting key stakeholders to reaffirm its unwavering partnership with the press. The aim of this gathering was to bolster information dissemination and enhance public engagement in healthcare matters.

SLAJ President, Ahmed Sahid Nasrallah, lauded the long-standing synergy between the Ministry and the press, acknowledging the media's crucial role during past health crises such as Ebola and Covid-19. Nasrallah emphasized the challenges faced by health reporters in obtaining timely information, underscoring the need for improved communication channels to strengthen this vital alliance.

Chairman of the Independent Media Commission, Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa Esq., commended the Ministry for recognizing the media's indispensable contribution to conveying essential health information. He emphasized the importance of nurturing and enhancing the enduring rapport between the Ministry and the press through collaborative initiatives like the town hall meeting.

Minister of Information and Civic Education, in his address, expressed gratitude for the Ministry of Health's partnership with the media in shaping public perceptions and promoting national development. He emphasized the shared objective of both organizations in enhancing living conditions in Sierra Leone for the benefit of all citizens.

Keynote speaker Dr. Austin Demby, Minister of Health, drawing from his CDC experience, underscored the press's pivotal role as a crucial partner in the Ministry's transformative endeavors. He outlined plans for advancing the health sector through initiatives like the Universal Health Coverage program, emphasizing patient-centric care. Demby stressed that community involvement is integral to healthcare progress, highlighting the press's role in fostering public engagement.

As the event concluded, focus group discussions delved into strategies for ongoing coverage of impactful health narratives. A video presentation showcased the Minister of Health's commitment to sustainability, featuring hospitals and primary healthcare units transitioning to green energy solutions post his pledge at COP23 in Dubai. Notably, six hospitals have already benefited from this initiative, marking progress toward an environmentally conscious healthcare system.


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