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Movie on male dominance impeding meaningful women participation in society Premieres next Friday

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The best of film that Sierra Leone has to offer have put together a movie, which by all indications promises to be a blockbuster, titled "the scuffle".

As suggested by its name, the film set to premiere on 14th July 2023, at the Freetown City Council auditorium, unveils the glaring imbalance of male dominance over society, starting with the ascribing of gender roles and annihilation of any female competition before budding.

The movie shows the toxic environment created by experienced goons, unwilling to accommodate change, particularly that of the involvement and deference to women in leadership roles.

With a stellar cast including Desmond Finney, Samantha Goodwin, Kerry Barry and Tejan Cole from Sierra Leone with Patience Ozokwor of Nigeria and Kofi Adjorlor of Ghana, it will be hard pressed to turn out any other way than impressive.


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