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Rapper Jay Mane resurfaces with a hit song turned national anthem

Amadu Jalloh, known as Jay Mane has released a new sound that is steadily becoming the most trending song in the country. The song was produced by the talented Saraya, who had collabed on Jay Mane's other popular song "What's my name"

Days before Sierra Leone’s election, the rapper who had taken a break from music due to familial and other obligations had casually dropped a song titled “tin don be”, a lyrically fully relatable easy going rap sound.

The song has shot to the top of many individual playlists to become one of the most trending sounds on new generation’s most visited social media platform, tiktok. In less than a week, the song has amassed close to five thousand (5,000) videos on the said platform.

This warm reception had prompted the release of the full song and in eight days, has over five thousand (5,000) plays on audiomack. Here’s the link below to the song:

The song is also blowing up on YouTube. Here’s the link to the full song

Impressively, the song is shaping out to be the celebration song of the year, with political parties using it as a rallying call for celebrations and prayers, individuals celebrating milestones and more.

With the support from entertainers from all walks of life, it is safe to say that “tin don be” could be the turning point for Salone music.

See below videos of tiktoks of the song


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