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New Age Boxing Academy CEO Abdul Rashid Bangura Inspires Young Boxers in Sierra Leone

In an endeavor to invigorate the noble sport of boxing within the Republic of Sierra Leone, Abdul Rashid Bangura, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of New Age Boxing Academy headquartered in England, has generously extended his patronage to aspiring pugilists.

Mr. Bangura's magnanimous gesture encompasses the provision of essential equipment, certificates, and medals, thereby fostering the careers of talented individuals and propelling them towards greater heights of achievement.

Among the beneficiaries is the prodigious 12-year-old boxer, Abubakarr Kamara, who expressed his profound gratitude for the invaluable support extended by Mr. Bangura and pledged to redouble his efforts in pursuit of even greater accomplishments in the noble art of boxing.

Furthermore, fellow boxers Amara Kamara and Georgiana Conteh joined in applauding the CEO's transformative initiative, which has instilled a renewed sense of hope and inspiration within the Sierra Leonean boxing community.


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