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NPHA deploys efforts to control resurging polio outbreak

The National Public Health Agency (NPHA) is taking proactive measures to control the resurgence of a polio outbreak. 

Professor Sahr Foday, the Executive Director of the NPHA, addressed the timeline of the Agency's efforts since its inception in December 2023. He emphasized the establishment of the Agency within a three-month period and the subsequent initiation of operations, including early detection and rapid response to disease outbreaks. 

Professor Foday highlighted the alignment of the Agency's capabilities with regional counterparts and the ongoing collaboration with primary healthcare structures across the country. Regarding the polio outbreak, reports indicated the detection of a polio variant of type 3 in a one-year-old child in Kambia, followed by the detection of another case of polio variant type 2 in the Mabayla Community in the western urban area. 

These cases prompted an escalation of the response level to level 2. Professor Sahr Foday stated that a comprehensive plan has been developed in collaboration with partners to address the cases. He emphasized the country's polio-free status and the commitment to maintaining this status. 

Additionally, he noted that the Agency's efforts extend beyond human diseases, encompassing animal diseases as well.


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