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Tourism Minister implored media to collaborate in promoting tourism, to attract foreign investment

Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis, implored media outlets to collaborate in promoting tourism, with the aim of attracting foreign investment to the sector.

Representatives of the tourism industry convened a press conference to discuss the substantial achievements secured by Sierra Leone at the ITB Trade Fair Exhibition held in Berlin, Germany, this year.

ITB Berlin is the world's preeminent tourism trade show, facilitating the congregation of businesses such as hotels, tourist boards, tour operators, system providers, airlines, and car rental companies from various countries showcasing their products and services.

During her presentation at the Ministry's Conference Room in Freetown, Minister Tunis expressed profound gratitude to the World Bank, Sierra Leoneans, and other critical donor partners in the tourism sector for their contributions to fostering sustainable growth and attracting foreign visitors.

Minister Tunis further expounded that during the ITB Trade Fair in Berlin, they engaged in discussions with pivotal stakeholders in the tourism industry and showcased Sierra Leone's tourism potential, nurturing positive relationships with potential tourists, including approximately 1,600 individuals who expressed interest in experiencing the country's unique cultural heritage.

Additionally, the General Manager of the National Tourist Board, Mrs. Fatmata Carew, implored the media to collaborate in promoting the positive aspects of Sierra Leone's tourism industry, as it would contribute to attracting foreign investment to the sector.

The President of the National Tour-Guards of Sierra Leone and the President of the Hotels Association commended the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism under Mrs. Nabeela Farida Tunis.

They expressed their appreciation for the success of this year's ITB Berlin, noting the substantial number of foreign tourists who visited the Sierra Leone booth and were captivated by the local cuisine, hospitality, and cultural diversity.

They emphasized that this gradual transition will unlock potential benefits for many individuals engaged in tourism activities in Sierra Leone in the future.


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