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NPSE results out, eight girls among top candidates

Analytics of results of the National Primary School Examamination held on 6th May 2023 have been announced on live broadcast at the Sierra Leone’s Broadcasting Corporations television today 18th July 2023.

According to the analytics, eight out of the top eleven students topping the list of best performers are girls, scoring between three hundred & thirty-nine and three hundred and twenty-nine. The number of girls as top performers have been aggregated at 73%.

The ministry further explained that there is a total of one hundred and sixty-three thousand, eighty hundred and sixty pupils who sat to the exams, giving a difference of one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-two compared to the total number of entrants of 2022, a percentage increase of 1% of entrants.

The number of passes also increased as compared to last year’s, with a higher percentage of passes for boys passing this year’s NPSE, though a higher number of girls sat and passed the exams.

The ministry is encouraging parents to check their wards’ results via the mobile result checking system using 468 on any mobile network.

Results will be packaged and distributed to schools in the coming days.


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