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Reality show House of Stars' fever spreads

The soon to be launched reality show by King's Empire, House of Stars has hit the public domains and it has taken off enormously.

House of Stars is an upcoming reality show, for Sierra Leonean celebrities, to showcase the stardom platforms of participants. The concept of a reality show for celebrities was developed by yhe Ceo of Kings Multimedia and Production company Valentine King who believes that Stars deserve the platform to showcase themselves, with the goal of increased exposure and a staggering prize tag attached.

This first edition's prize is a three bedroomed house, a car and a one hundred million cash prize for the winner, along with a Ambassadoral brand package with a reputable establishment. The winner will also have a second cash prize attached for days spent in the house, at five hundred thousand old Leones per day.

The Second prize will be cash price of fifty million Leones, total money for days spent in the house and a brand Ambassador deal.

Third prize will be twenty-five million Leones and total monies amassed for days spent in the house.

Already, there are several known names ranging from Musicians, stars from other previous reality shows, social media influencers, models and more, who have expressed interest to purchase forms for auditions to get in the house.

According to Ceo Val, as he is known, the auditions will differ from the auditions of other reality shows, to cater to the comfort and protecting the privacy and dignity of entrants, given their status as stars of Sierra Leone.

The show will be launched at Radisson Blu on Friday 21st July 2023, at 6pm.

According to CEO Valentine King, the forms will be sold at Le 1,000,000 and points will be revealed soon.


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