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Omrie Golley trains 200 farmers to support national Economic Recovery through Agriculture

Golley Agriculture Development Sierra Leone Limited, headed by Ambassador Omrie Golley, has trained over 200 local farmers in the use of drip irrigation, a more efficient and effective way of watering crops than traditional methods. Golley believes that drip irrigation can help to increase food production and self-sufficiency in Sierra Leone.

The training program was conducted by experienced agricultural experts and covered topics such as the principles of drip irrigation, the installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems, and the management of drip irrigation systems. The participants were also given the opportunity to practice installing and maintaining drip irrigation systems.

Four agricultural centers were constructed in Port Loko City, Bumbuna Town, Gelehun Town, and Belabu Town to serve as demonstration centers for farmers in the four provincial regions of Sierra Leone. A fifth center is under construction in Makeni City.

Golley is planning to expand the training program to reach more farmers in the country. The company is also planning to provide financial assistance to farmers who want to install drip irrigation systems on their farms.

Golley's initiatives are a positive step for the country's agricultural sector and are expected to lead to increased food production, self-sufficiency, and economic growth.

A variety of food products, such as corn, cucumber, pepper, cabbage, macadamia nut, and tomatoes, have already been successfully planted at the various centers around the country, as part of the initial pilot targets. The company is also now putting modalities in place for genuine partnerships in agriculture and food production across the country. Already, a team of experts from the company have identified lands for commercial farming. These lands will be installed with the most modern irrigation systems to enable perennial farming of selected identified crops.

The company has also partnered with Netafim, a leading Israeli company in drip irrigation technology, to help implement its plans. Netafim has provided Golley with drip irrigation kits, which will be used to train farmers and install drip irrigation systems on farms.

Golley's initiatives have been well-received by the local community. Farmers have expressed their appreciation for the training and the opportunity to learn about drip irrigation. They believe that drip irrigation will help them to increase their yields and improve their livelihoods.

Golley's initiatives are a model for other companies and organizations that are looking to support agricultural development in Sierra Leone. The company's efforts are helping to improve food security, create jobs, and boost the economy.


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