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Parliamentary Committee lauds Progress of Road Construction Projects in Kenema & Kabala

The members of the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Public Assets recently conducted a site visit to evaluate the progress of the road construction projects in Kenema and Kabala. The committee expressed its commendation for Pavi Fort Company's significant completion of the project, which currently stands at seventy percent.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Honourable Engineer Habib Fabba, stated that the inspection aimed to assess the quality of the work and adherence to the project timeline. He commended Pavi Fort for maintaining high-quality standards and meeting the expectations of the committee.

Alimu Sanu Barrie, the Chairman and CEO of Pavi Fort, reported that twenty kilometers of the road have been successfully completed. He assured the committee that the project remains on track for its scheduled completion in December this year.

The Mayor of Kenema City, Thomas Karimu Baio, highlighted the supportive role played by the city's administration in overseeing the project. He acknowledged concerns regarding timely fund disbursement and resource distribution but emphasized the collaborative effort involved in the project's success.

The project, which commenced in 2020, has generated over six hundred direct job opportunities. It has also led to additional employment through subcontracting arrangements. Pavi Fort has facilitated knowledge and skill transfer by pairing local workers with experienced experts on the project site.


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