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"A Call To Business" Microfinance transitions into a banking institution: launches its SAVE N WIN PROMO Campaign 

Updated: 1 day ago

A Call To Business (ACTB) Bank has announced the launch of its SAVE N WIN PROMO at the Sub-Office at Lumley in Freetown. Rockslyn Findlay, the Marketing Manager, declared that A Call To Business Microfinance has transitioned into a banking institution, marking this transition with the introduction of the Easter and Ramadan promotions. The Save and Win promotion aims to encourage customers to cultivate the habit of regular saving. The promotional period is scheduled to run from July to January, during which faithful clients will be rewarded. 

The transparent and digitized draw will be held monthly, with press invitations for each draw. Customers will be duly informed about the ongoing promotion, with a warning against potential fraudulent activities. Additionally, it was announced that ACTB Savings & Loan has officially rebranded to ACTB Bank.

Mr. Idrissa Sesay, one of the staff members involved, clarified that the promotion will commence in July and conclude in December for the monthly prizes, while the final draw is set for January 31st, 2025, with a brand new Suzuki Car as the grand prize. To qualify, participants must deposit a minimum of Le 5,000 by the month's end, without making any withdrawals until the end of the month. Eligible individuals are those aged eighteen and above who hold an account with the institution. Excluded individuals include employees of the institution, their immediate relatives, and corporate account holders. The campaign is open to all ACTB branches nationwide and seeks to foster good saving habits and the value of consistency among clients.

David Kamara, the Chief Executive Officer, expressed the bank's commitment to establishing its presence in the banking sector. He emphasized the importance of the promotion in promoting the habit of regular saving and reiterated the institution's transition into a bank, a status acquired through licensing by the Central Bank in 2017.


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