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Harbor Division clamps down three persons with illicit drugs believed to be kush

During an operation executed by the Harbor Police Division, three individuals were apprehended in possession of illegal substances suspected to be Kush.

The suspects, Sullay Mansaray, aged 24, of 8 Sidthorbe Street, Abdul Karim Sesay, aged 27, of 96 Black Hall Road, and Santigie Bangura, aged 40, of Kamanda Farm, Moieba, were found with substantial quantities of these illicit substances.

Operation Officer Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh, known as Dragon, led the operation. He expressed the unwavering commitment of the Harbor Police Division to combat drug trafficking, emphasizing their relentless pursuit of drug dealers. He also acknowledged and commended the support received from community members.

The suspects are currently detained in police custody, along with the seized evidence, awaiting further legal proceedings.


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