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CFN’s President Cride-Dole urges for peace with looming conclusion of the tripartite committee

The President of the Children's Forum Network (CFN), Philipa Cride-Dole, implores all citizens to maintain peace as the tripartite committee's conclusion and disclosure near.

In her address during the weekly government press briefing held at the Ministry of Information and Civic Education conference room, Miss. Cride-Dole passionately urged all Sierra Leoneans to engage in peaceful dialogue and deliberations regarding the anticipated outcomes of the said tripartite committee.

Drawing from her researching knowledge and observations, she emphasized on the detrimental effects of war on vulnerable populations, particularly children, women, and girls. While acknowledging that she has not personally witnessed the horrors of war firsthand, the documentaries and accounts she has encountered paint a grim picture of the devastation it brings.

She concluded her remarks by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to represent the CFN, one of the largest platforms for children in Sierra Leone.


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