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Peace Commission Sierra Leone engages online media platforms ahead of elections

Ahead of Elections and electioneering processes, the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion on 3rd June 2023, engaged Major online platforms on their work and initiatives to maintain peace and protect against violence. The platforms engaged were Sarah Kallay blog, Salone Messenger, Inside Salone page and Salone Gossip.

Director of Communications Fatmata Kamara-Jalloh thanked those assembled for considering a partnership as peace heralds during the electioneering times and expressed the hope that a productive working relationship can be achieved.

She explained that the meeting is to discuss the possibility of disseminating peace messages on these platforms, as intimated in prior discussions.

Speaking, Sarah Kallay representing her page, Salone Gossip and Inside Salone, stated that as per request from the platforms mentioned, she can decide on terms, fee and payment plans.

She remarked that the platforms can be contacted via a contact number for Inside Salone page and via their inbox for Salone gossip as was initially done before negotiations started.


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