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Police confirms arrest of 70 alleged protesters & received reports of 2 deaths during protest

The Head of Media at the Sierra Leone Police, Assistant Commissioner Brima Kamara have confirmed to press men that a total number of seventy two(72) individuals are in police custody for “illegal protest”, with atleast two(2) reported deaths.

The Commissioner of police said the arrests were made on the 11th September 2023.

Cataloging arrests per locations, he outlined that four(4) were arrested in Godriche, sixty(60) in Waterloo and eight (8) at mountain division.

The individuals who died were reported to have died due to astray bullets. According to media one of Police, full fledged investigation have been launched to delve into the circumstances surrounding their death.

Journalists and other citizens have expressed an interest for an independent and unbiased investigation leading to and during the protest.


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