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Fatima Deborah Conteh finishes 7th in PRU RIDE Cycling Competition

Sierra Leonean cyclist Fatima Deborah Conteh finished in 7th place in the 4th edition of the PRU RIDE Cycling Competition in Accra, Ghana. PRU ride is a cycling event organized by Prudential Life Insurance Ghana.

The race was a 100-kilometer road race with over 100 participants from Ghana, Sierra Leone, and other countries in West Africa.

Conteh was happy with her result, saying that she was "competitive" and "gave it her all."

She is hoping to do better in the next race and qualify for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

The PRU RIDE Cycling Competition is a major event in West Africa, and Conteh's performance is a significant achievement for Sierra Leonean cycling.

She hopes to continue being an inspiration to young girls and women in Sierra Leone who are interested in pursuing a career in cycling, in the future.


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