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President Bio accuses the US of attempting to halt the announcement of election results

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio whilst responding in an interview at the American University, Washington D.C, has accused the United States of attempting to interfere in Sierra Leone’s election, by requesting he halted the announcement of the election results.

He explained that he had refused this directive to abstain from tampering with the mandate of the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone.

President Bio who was been queried on the reports of his manipulating the election process in his favor, revealed this occurrence as an exhibition of his wanting a fair process.

He continued that his government had funded the ECSL and ensured the participation of an inclusive partisan steering committee to supervise the work of the Commission.

On cue, Lawyer Augustine Sorie Sengbeh Marah has indicated that this revelation is yet another reason for the release of disaggregated election results for the edification of all involved.

Journalist Thomas Dixon remarking on the statement, described it as an unfortunate, giving prominence to questions of President Bio's re-election.


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