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President Bio addresses Sierra Leoneans' weariness & frustration with political division & disunity

President Julius Maada Bio addressed the weariness and frustration of Sierra Leoneans with political division and disunity in an important address to the nation on October 24, 2023. The speech was the result of three days of dialogue between the government of Sierra Leone and the main opposition APC, mediated by international representatives.

President Bio explained that the dialogue was intended to promote inclusive governance despite varied socio-political convictions, as evidenced by national alliances and a commitment to peaceful resolution of differences in the interest of the country. He assured that the resolutions reached would be given the highest consideration to ensure their full implementation under the rule of law, starting with the proposed tripartite leadership of an elections review committee.

President Bio reminded government stakeholders that engagement and compromise are hallmarks of governance, and he encouraged opposition APC leaders to engage their supporters frankly in support of peace and development efforts. He urged the nation to declare a collective commitment to never allowing such divisions to recur, and to redirect their energies, ideas, and determination towards a shared national agenda focused on key priorities such as ensuring food security, creating employment opportunities for young people, empowering women, and positioning Sierra Leone as a thriving middle-income economy.

President Bio highlighted the pressing need for national unity and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of overcoming divisive political debates, hate speech, and internal discord that have plagued Sierra Leone in recent times. Under the theme of "National Peace and Cohesion," the President called on all Sierra Leoneans to come together and work towards a brighter future.

The President's address served as a unifying call to action and an impetus for progress. It underscored the significance of national cohesion in addressing critical issues and challenges. The plea for unity resonated with Sierra Leoneans, who eagerly await concrete policies and initiatives that will transform this vision into tangible results.


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