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Rapper Kao Denero faces media rejection of his new girlfriend

Rapper Dennis Amara Turay-Jalloh popularly known as Kao Denero is facing media trolling on the introduction of his new girlfriend. Known only as Esther Kay, the new girlfriend has been trolled for almost everything, from her fashion sense, age to her looks in comparison to Kao Denero’s ex.

Kao Denero’s long term relationship which ended more than six months ago only came to public knowledge recently and fans are not entertaining the news well.

After tagging both Kao and his ex in almost every post of the other, fans have resorted to outright rejection of Kao’s new relationship.

The most recent attack on the rapper is the accusation that he is trying to outshine his ex, proving he is the happy one who has moved on to better things. This accusation comes on the heels of his multiple posts in days leading to Delvaqyo’s birthday and on her birthday, fueling speculations that he was trying to prevent her from trending on her big day.

The reasons for the break up are speculated to be connected to cheating by first Kao Denero and then Delma but in reality, it is deeply connected to compatibility issues.

It is safe to say, that the journey to accepting the new relationship is going to be a bumpy one for black Leo fans who still attach loyalties to Delma as their once and future Queen.

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