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Rapper Laj & Former Bank Manager Bola Nicol, recruit fellow inmates to champion anti-Kush campaign

Musician King Boss Laj has launched an anti-kush campaign to combat the rising societal menace among mostly the youthful demographic.

According to a statement released by red flag movement, the record label of rapper Alhaji Amadu Bah, he along with other inmates Nelly P, Boss P, Ash Armani, Ouzee Paice and Former Skye bank manager Ikubolaje Nicol, have record a civic education song sensitize on the effects of the use of the drug substance.

The song questions the sale and use of the substance that jeopardizes the physical and mental health of the youth, whilst threatening the national development of the nation itself.

The musicians emphasized the consequences of Kush abuse including increased criminal activities and addiction. Laj himself thanked the correctional service officials for granting them access to facilities for his sensitization drive.

Bola Nicol concluded with a direct appeal to youths to abstain from drugs and redirected to beneficial activities such as education and skills development, reminding that the ultimate consequence is death.


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