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Re-elected Mayor Aki-Sawyerr questions percentage Margins of announced results

Reelected Mayor of the Freetown Municipality Yvonne Denise Aki-Sawyerr has raised questions relating to the percentage margin of the results announced by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone, declaring her as the winner of the council elections and putting her in office for a second term.

In her gratitude message to Freetownians issued on Sunday, immediately after the announcement, Madam Aki-Sawyerr praised the people of Freetown who conferred trust in her leadership by revoting her but declared that the result suggested some amount of tampering.

According to her, her assembled team were able to collate results of 85% of Results and Reconciliation forms from polling stations in the Western Urban and they had arrived at the calculations that her win was to be around 66.5%, a fifteen plus(15+%) margin, than her fifty one (51%) percent announced.

She remarked that her digits from the aforementioned polling stations will be released in forty-eight(48) hours.

Her opponent who was declared the loser, Mohamed Gento Kamara, had released a concession and congratulatory message to Madam Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr on the same day.

His message had also boldly printed out accusations of vote tampering, bribing and more, all leading to his loss.


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