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Salamatu Kalokoh and Sufian Maiga delight Smash the Street Badminton Competition

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, the Sierra Leone Badminton Association organized the Badminton Smash the Street Competition in the Corners of Thunder Hill Community, located in the East End of Freetown. The competition witnessed remarkable displays of athleticism and fierce competition among the players, culminating in the crowning of champions in various categories.

Salamatu Kalokoh emerged as the undisputed winner of the Women's Singles and Women's Doubles categories, showcasing exceptional determination and skill. In the singles final, Kalokoh emerged victorious with a decisive 9/5 game point score, while partnering with Amida Conteh, she clinched the doubles championship with a convincing 9/6 win.

In the Men's Singles final, Sufian Maiga demonstrated his prowess with powerful smashes and strategic movements, securing the title with a 9/7 game-point score. Mohamed Kamara and Abubakarr Kamara outplayed their opponents with a 9/7 win to claim the gold in the Men's Doubles, while Ibrahim Tholley and Fatmata Juma Bangura displayed exceptional coordination and skill, defeating their competitors 9/7 to secure the top spot in the Mixed Doubles category.

The Badminton Smash the Street Competition transcended the realm of sport, fostering a vibrant community spirit and highlighting the city's passion for badminton. The event's resounding success is a testament to the organizers' dedication and the unwavering support of the Freetown community.


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