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RSLAF Commences Eviction and Demolition of Unauthorized Structures within Military Barracks

The Ministry of Defense and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) have started an operation to remove and demolish unauthorized structures located within their military barracks. These structures violate military regulations and pose a security risk to personnel.

A press release issued on January 16, 2024, states that the eviction and demolition exercise aims to enhance the security and well-being of military personnel residing in the barracks. The release mentions locations within the Western Area and upcountry units and designates the period from January 20 to January 28 as the timeframe for the exercise.

The release stresses the importance of maintaining a secure and controlled environment within its barracks to ensure the safety and readiness of its personnel. Unauthorized structures can compromise the security of military assets and personnel, and they stated their commitment to addressing this issue promptly.

The eviction and demolition exercise urged individuals occupying unauthorized structures to vacate the premises peacefully and cooperate with the eviction process.

According to a source, this information was first communicated years ago with annual reminders to barrack residents.

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