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Sierra Leone DJs union's new executives

Updated: Mar 27

The Sierra Leone DJs Union have gotten a new executive, after the death of its substantive President Samuel Laverse known as DJ Lawva.

The deceased President's shoes were filled by his Vice President DJ Jesse for a time, until the reshuffle of the executive. He is now the substantive President and will remain in office until December when a new election will be conducted.

The new executives were not voted in, due to the existing term of the other executive members but a new position, that of the General Overseer was created and currently being occupied by Ibrahim Kalokoh. According to a source, he was appointed to this position on the basis of his good rapport with existing and adjunct DJ organizations.

A notable addition to the executive are the Vice President Khadija Jalloh former of AYV radio and Chairlady Sholla Bello of Mercury radio, both females, giving a much needed cohesive gender factor.


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