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Unity party tongue-lash PPRC

Updated: Mar 27

The Unity political party has issued a statement on the 13th March 2023, tongue-lashing the Political Party Regulation Commission for utterances made by their Chairman in a circulating audio on social media.

The audio highlighting reasons for the halting of the first day convention activities of the Unity party, on the 2nd March 2023 has been referred to as "astonishingly false" by the party's Leader, Chairperson and Flagbearer Madam Femi Claudius Cole.

The audio which was an interview conducted by Uncle Sankara Media Platform, had the Chairman of the Political Parties Regulation Commission stating that, besides not conducting wards and constituencies elections, the Unity party was found cajoling non-party members to acquiescence to being members of the Unity Party with executive position for those wards and constituencies.

Chairman Abdulai Masiyambay Bangura compounded the offenses as bypassing procedures and disregarding directive for rectifications, all preliminary findings at this moment, but pointing to insincerity by the party.

The Unity party in their press statement called these accusations as misleading. The statement furthered that the PPRC were duly informed before the process commenced and updated progressively. The release mentioned that copies of the invitation and correspondences can be obtained on request.

The party offered to make available information relating to dates, locations and participants of lower level elections held, as well as making party offices located across the country available for inspection.


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