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Sierra Leone Dodgeball Gains Momentum at the Annie Walsh Memorial School

The Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association (SLDBA) is actively introducing dodgeball to schools across the country. Recently, the SLDBA visited the Annie Walsh Memorial School, the nation's premier girls' school, to showcase the sport to both female and male students.

The pupils, along with Mr. Mohamed Samuels, the Physical and Health Education Teacher, were impressed with the demonstration. "We are delighted to introduce dodgeball to the Annie Walsh Memorial School," said Umaru George, Head Coach of the National Dodgeball Team. "This partnership will significantly contribute to the growth of dodgeball throughout Sierra Leone."

Mr. Samuels concurred, emphasizing the importance of hands-on learning in conjunction with classroom instruction. He anticipates that dodgeball will be formally incorporated into the school's curriculum next week.

The visit concluded with a photo opportunity, solidifying the partnership between the SLDBA and the Annie Walsh Memorial School in their shared mission to promote dodgeball nationwide.


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