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Sierra Leone drops three places in FIFA World Ranking

The Sierra Leone national football team has dropped to 120th in the FIFA world rankings, a three-place drop from their previous ranking of 117th in April 2023.

The team has been on a downward trend for almost twenty years, their last highest ranking being 88th in 2003.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the team's decline, including a lack of investment in youth development, a shortage of qualified coaches, and a lack of competitive matches.

With recent changes made by the Sierra Leone Football Association,such as the hiring of new coaches, training of others, increased funding to football activities creating the possibility of more participation in competitive games and more, it is hoped that these will improve the national team's performance and standing.

It will take time for these changes to take effect, but there is reason to believe that with hard work and dedication, they could eventually reach the top 100.


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