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Sierra Leone Qualifies for All African Games after competing with Gambia & Senegal in Zone Two Beach Volleyball Championship 

The 2024 Zone Two Beach Volleyball Championship, held at Africell Beach Sport Arena between the 26th to the 28th January, witnessed an enthralling display of athleticism, skill, and unexpected upsets. The Gambia and Senegal emerged as the triumphant teams in the men's and women's categories, respectively, securing the prestigious gold medals.

The Gambian men's team showcased remarkable teamwork and powerful spikes, navigating through the qualifiers and playoffs with unwavering determination. Their dominance culminated in a gripping final match, where they clinched the gold medal.

On the other hand, the Senegalese women's team exhibited exceptional agility and strategic prowess, captivating the crowd and earning thunderous applause as they secured the coveted gold medal.

The Sierra Leonean teams also demonstrated commendable resilience and talent throughout the tournament. Both the men's and women's teams displayed valiant efforts, earning well-deserved silver medals in their respective categories.

This outstanding achievement not only underscores the dedication and skill of the Sierra Leonean teams but also ensures their participation in the upcoming All African Games. This prestigious continental stage will provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talent and compete against the best athletes from across Africa.


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