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Sierra Leonean Basketball star Mohamed Tosh Sesay is making his mark on Asia basket

Nicknamed Medo Tosh, he started playing active basketball in Sierra Leone at the age of 14 before he was earmarked by teams like Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), Young Sports Club (YSC) and later Archibald Red Flames where he won two most valuable player (MVP) recognition.

In 2019, Mohamed secured a scholarship to study at the University of Cedu in the Philippines, simultaneously pursuing his aspirations in basketball. Based on these, he was invited to give a talk in a training camp for boys and girls in basketball in 2022, to share his story of stardom to the children and inspire the youngsters with unwavering desire to play basketball someday.

In the Philippines, Mohamed Tosh Sesay has won the hearts of many spectators and players alike with his impressive scores in the Zamboanga Valientes in the Asian Basketball League (ABL)

Mohamed, 26, told this medium that his goal is to proudly represent Sierra Leone and help his team BGC to claim prestigious honors in the Asia basket.

Due to his versatility and unique playing skills, Mohamed was named among the awardees of the second team of the Asia basket for 2023 and he states his pleasure at the opportunity of playing with Former NBA Star Mario Chalmers.

Mohamed Tosh Sesay wants to use himself to inspire basketball enthusiasts back home persevere in the sport.


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