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Sierra Peace Athletics Club Intensifies Preparations for annual Boxing Day games

Sierra Peace Athletics Club (SPAC) has stepped up its training at Will Street Hill in preparation for the annual Boxing Day Sports Meet in December, which will be held in Bo.

The club is confident of its chances of success, with Head Coach Michael Kamara stating that the athletes are ready to break new ground and defeat the other athletics clubs in the country. The Boxing Day Sports Meet serves as a qualifier for the All African Games, which will be held in Ghana, and SPAC is hopeful of qualifying and making Sierra Leone proud.

One of the female athletes, who is eager to compete in the 100-meter dash, said she is excited about the challenge and has been training hard to do well.

SPAC is a well-respected athletics club in Sierra Leone that has produced many talented athletes over the years. The club is committed to promoting athletics in Sierra Leone and helping its athletes achieve their full potential.


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