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SLPP has released their 2023-2028 manifesto, a food focused campaign platform

The Sierra Leone People's party has released a food focused manifesto, as their campaign platform for their term of office for the 2023-2028 duration. The manifesto is titled “The New Direction Agenda: Consolidating the Gains and Accelerating Transformation” .

Released yesterday 23rd May, 2023 at the commencement of campaign season ceremony at the Eastern Techinical University in Kenema, it is built on five thematic areas, with a focus on feeding Salone, an initiative to boost Agricultural productivity and ensure food security and inclusive economic growth. Put simply, to increase investment in Agriculture to maximize harvest and export opportunities.

The manifesto also promises the nurturing of skills through academic and technical education, youth employment through the youth employment scheme(YES), professionalizing the public service structure and enhancing of technological spaces and tools to boost national competitiveness against global landscapes.

On closer look, the manifesto is a continuation of the platforms and activities already mapped out in the 2018 manifesto, expected of an incumbent party.

The manifesto highlighted challenges of their first term which included financial difficulties brought on by a crumbling economy characterised by state declared austerity and poverty, a low human capital base, a huge infrastructure deficit of poor road linking access and a broken governance system stemming from corruption.

The SLPP highlighted a broad program of tackling corruption, investing in professionalizing institutions and building on education services and personnel.

With the President heralding an eighty percent completion of first term manifesto commitments, it remains to be seen how the new manifesto will be received, scrutinized and compared to 2018 manifesto promises against delivery, by fact checkers and political organizations.


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