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Son testifies in his father’s alleged murder

School pupil (name withheld) has testified in an open court that he saw the accused stabbed his father, the deceased, with a knife on his neck, leading to his father’s demise. 

Testifying under oath, the son told the court that the deceased (his father) was fetching water from a pipe that runs into a house at Spur Loop when the accused, Sankoh, showed up and asked why the deceased was using the pipe in question to fetch water. 

According to the witness, the deceased replied that he had every right to fetch water from the pipe. But according to the witness, the accused, Sankoh insisted that the deceased should not use the pipe to fetch water. 

‘The accused person left the scene, but promised to come back, and when he did, an argument ensued, and they (the accused and the deceased) got into a fight. During the fight, the accused, Sankoh, stabbed the deceased, Vandy on his neck, leading to his demise,’ the son narrated in court. 

The son further explained that he saw blood oozing from the deceased and he immediately called the attention of his aunty, but before his aunty and a couple of other individuals showed up at the crime scene, the accused had escaped. 

Before long, the accused person was apprehended and detained at the Lumley Police Station before being charged to court. 

Police alleged that on Sunday 14th of April 2024, at Spur Loop Stone Ground off Regent Road Lumley, Ishmael Yayah Sankoh allegedly murdered Musa Momoh Vandy.  

The accused is before Magistrate Sahr Kekura at the Pademba Road Court No. 1 in Freetown, facing a count charge of murder. 

After the witness testimony, the accused was sent back to jail, and Magistrate Kekura adjourned the matter to the 3rd of July 2024 for further hearing.


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