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Sophie Allieu wins SLAAM's Best Book Writer

Sophie Samuella Admire Allieu nee. Amado-Taylor has won the Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians(SLAAM) award's for Best Book Writer for 2023, in the just concluded award held on 2nd June, 2023 in America.

A human resource consultant and a Deaconess, Sophie is an Author of a total of five literary work, mostly a collection of poems.

The award was given for her latest work Sweety Pie which is about love, religion, corruption, all themed along her yearning for a just world where humans are bonded by love.

She is a member of the Sierra Leone Writer Series and the International African Writers Association and an editor of other people's literary work.

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sophie allieu
sophie allieu
Jun 09, 2023

Thank you for this Sarah. I am elated

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