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Theresa Kargbo’s recent medal wins bolster Sierra Leone’s medal ranking at African Championships

Theresa Kargbo, a Sierra Leonean long-distance runner, has captivated the athletics community with her remarkable performance at the Confederation of African Athletics Championships in Accra, Ghana.

Kargbo achieved an impressive double by securing a silver medal in the 5000m event and a bronze in the 1500m, thereby enhancing Sierra Leone's position in the medal standings to eighth position and igniting national pride.

These remarkable achievements suggest even greater success in the future. With her sights set on the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympics commencing on July 26th, Kargbo embodies the aspirations and dreams of her entire nation.

Possessing unwavering determination and undeniable talent, Kargbo serves as a true inspiration, showcasing Sierra Leone's potential on the global stage.

Her triumphs in Ghana represent a significant milestone for Sierra Leonean athletics, resonating pride and optimism throughout the nation.


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