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Three women crushed to death by a 20ft container

Updated: Mar 27

Three people have been crushed to death by a 20ft container at Waterloo Tombo park, after the truck carrying it lost control. The accident happened today 18th March, 2023.

According to sources on scene and Police Communication, the incident occurred at around 11am, when the truck had careened onto side shops along the highway.

The Police duly informed other sectors of road and traffic control such as the SLRA & SLRSA, and a total of three cranes had gone to the scene to retrieve the container.

It was discovered that three women had been crushed and their bodies dismembered. These remains have been collected and deposited at the mortuary.

One other individual was injured.

As at the time of publishing the story, the contents of the truck has not been ascertained.


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