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Transport Committee urges for service delivery and performance for continuation of government

The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Transport and Aviation met with officials from the Sierra Leone Transport, Maritime and Aviation sectors on Tuesday, 17 October 2023. The meeting was chaired by Hon. Maada Lebbie, who welcomed the officials and reminded them of the Committee's new membership composition and mandate.

He noted that the Committee had met with the Minister to discuss its plans for the First Session. He assured the Permanent Secretary and all present that the Committee's mandate was provided for by law and that they would continue to engage with them on their draft Sessional work plan.

"Let me assure you of our support and pledge to do anything in our power to support the good things that we deem necessary for the people of this country. We will resist your inactions and summon you at any moment to look into your operations. If for any reason we realize that your actions are contrary to your Act and mandates, we will summon and force you to comply. We are not intimidating anybody. Be assured that we want to see Sierra Leone on the map," Hon. Lebbie.

Hon. Bashiru Silikie, Deputy Leader of Government Business Two, recalled how MPs bear the brunt when governments do not deliver, since their names and faces are on the ballot papers.

He urged the officials to ensure success in service delivery and performance, which is essential for their re-election and the continuance of the government. He said the SLPP lost over thirty of its MPs in the Fifth Parliament due to the misperception that they are primary conveyors of developments.

"You do administration, we do politics, and as a Parliament, we will support but ask you necessary questions to make sure that you perform," Hon. Bashiru noted.

He added that the next election will be a transitional election with a new candidate other than President Julius Maada Bio, which means performance should be a must if the SLPP is to be re-elected.

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Transport and Aviation promised to peruse the Committee's work plan and work in tandem with it.


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