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Union of Academic Staff Association announce a 21-day strike over welfare and working conditions

The Union of Academic Staff Association (UASA) announced a 21-day strike on November 18, 2023, over the welfare and working conditions of lecturers and administrative staff at universities and technical institutions nationwide. The strike began immediately upon the announcement.

The union is demanding improved welfare packages for its members, including better salaries, improved working conditions, such as appointment letters and salary upgrades that reflect their employment in universities, and a review of the emoluments of research and teaching assistants.

They also requested an upward adjustment of rent, medical benefits, and salaries for newly promoted heads, as well as the payment of the five-month backlog allowance of some staff at the Ernest Bai Koroma University and the Milton Margai Technical University.

The union warned that if their demands are not met, they will likely continue the strike after the 21 days have passed.


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