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Western Area Rural Council Chairman reacts to Ministry’s directive to vacate office

Updated: Mar 27

The District Council Chairman for Western Rural Kasho Holland Cole has said that he and his Deputy along with his councilors will not be complying with the ministry of Local Government’s directive to leave office by March 1st this year. This is following a press release directing all Mayors, District Council Chairmen, Deputies and Councillors to vacate from their office come March 1st, 2023.

According to Kasho, the directive is disrespectful and illegal and undermines their powers as Mayors and Chairmen, given that it allows their Chief Administrators (CA) to start disregarding their authorities.

He also said the reasons given within the release such as “for efficiency sake” and “allowing time for campaigns” are flimsy, as campaigns have not officially commenced and it is not the duty of the Ministry to relay campaign plans to them.

He made all these statements during an interview at radio Democracy on Monday 13th February, 2023 in response to queries regarding their compliance, especially as opposition members occupying the said offices.


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