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Youth Ambassador Mohamed Basiru Sanusi says his Mayoral bid was an awareness campaign

Mohamed Basiru Sanusi, a youth Ambassador and Media man who had announced his candidacy for the Mayoral office of the Freetown Municipality in January, has stepped down.

He made the decision Public on Epic radio, when he was asked for an update on his bid.

According to him, his announcement was an awareness campaign to inform young people that they are never too young to run for any political office besides the Presidency which has a set age requirement of forty years.

He continued that young people should be excited to be politically active to influence change and new initiatives. He stated that young people who shy aware from politics should be embracing it.

He furthered that his focus on his media empire would have been halted by media laws in Sierra Leone (one of which is the IMC code which prohibits media politicians from becoming owners of main stream media entities) if he had indeed meant to fully carry out his political ambitions at this time.


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