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21-year-old thief rescued by Police, steals tricycle battery at same Police station

21-year-old Baimba Tarawallie of Furniture Junction, Mayaemi Garage, Allen Town, Freetown, was rescued and placed in the Intensive Care Unit at Tombo Health Center, Waterloo, after he was found lying helplessly in a nearby bush at Russell Village along the Waterloo- Tombo highway. He had been dumped by unknown men after severe torture causing multiple lacerations all over his body, both feet and hands tied, and locked in the booth of a vehicle.

Three limes had been inserted into the anus of Baimba and he had been left for dead.

Paul Gorden, Head Man of Russel Village assisted the police to take him to the hospital.

It was discovered that the young man is a known thief, punished by residents.

Investigations are ongoing and two suspects have been arrested since the rescue of Baimba on the 16th July, 2023.

However, today, it was discovered that Baimba has carted away with the engine battery of a tricycle under the custody, supervision and packed within the compounds of the Police.

Baimba is now on the run and Police are trying to locate him and the stolen battery.


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