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APC Party initiates disciplinary actions against Mohamed Bangura

The National Advisory Committee of the All People’s Congress party have initiated disciplinary actions against a member of their political party who’s also a member of Parliament, on second term, the Hon. Mohamed Bangura.

According to their statement released on 13th July 2023, Mr. Bangura had flouted a party directive to abstain from governance, an action being carried out in protest of the just concluded election results. The party labeled his actions to attend Parliament and take the oath of office,

a blatant disregard and disobedience of party policy decision


notifies him of their intention to initiate disciplinary action

Hon. Mohamed Bangura in a response during an Independent Radio Network interview remarked that the National Advisory Committee that announced the start of disciplinary actions against him, were improperly constituted at the time of this decision and is therefore ill placed to carry out their statement of disciplinary actions.

Here's the interview :


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