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Composition of the leadership of the Sixth Parliament: what's different about it

The Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone had convened on Thursday 13th July, with the oath taking of its members and the voting for the leadership of the house.

Unlike the fifth Parliament, this is not a hung parliament, due to the decision of the All People’s Congress Party to abstain from partaking in government activities, on allegations of result tampering in the June 24th elections and given that the ruling Sierra Leone People's party has a total of eighty-one(81) members of Parliament, whilst the All People's Congress party has fifty-four(54) and the Paramount Chief Members of Parliament have fourteen(14).

A two-thirds majority will require a total of ninety-nine votes, easily achievable with the numbers already at hand.

After the oath taking of members, the house had conducted voting for leadership positions and these people had emerged as winners.

Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu had been reelected as Speaker of the house and Hon. Sengehpoh Thomas from Bonthe, Southern Region was reelected as his Deputy, firmly keeping them in their former positions.

Speaker of Sixth Parliament of Sierra Leone
Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu

Dpt. Speaker of the Sixth Parliament of Sierra Leone
Hon. Sengepoh Solomon Thomas

Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma representing Kenema in the Eastern region and Hon. Bashiru Silikie representing Bo, Southern region retained their position as Leader and Deputy Leader of Government business on re-election. These two had first ascended into office after the former Leader of Government business Hon. Sidi Mohamed Tunis had been made Speaker of ECOWAS Parliament.

Leader of Government Business
Hon. Mathew Saa Nyuma

Dpt. Leader of Government Business
Hon. Bashiru Silikie

Hon. Dickson Momoh Rogers representing Pujehun, Sourthern region serves as Chief whip of the house.

Leader of the women caucus of the house Hon. Kadie Veronica Sesay is the Deputy Chief Whip and Hon. Ibrahim (Tawa) Conteh is the second Chief Whip respectively.

Dpt. Chief Whip 1
Hon. Veronica Kadi Sesay

Dpt. Chief Whip 2
Hon. Ibrahim (Tawa) Conteh

Former Leader of the opposition Coalition for Change party, Hon. Emerson Saa Lamina representing Kono, Eastern Region, returned to the House of Parliament under the banner of the Sierra Leone People's party and becomes the second Deputy leader of government in the House of Parliament.

Dpt. Leader of Government Business 2
Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina

Hon. Mohamed Bangura, the only sworn in opposition member, of the All People's Congress Party, becomes the leader of the minority and opposition in Parliament.

Minority/Opposition Leader
Hon. Mohamed Bangura


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