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Judiciary of Sierra Leone says APC's recent statement was an assault on Judicial Independence

The Judiciary of Sierra Leone has issued a statement in response to the All People's Congress' position statement issued on 3rd July 2023, in which the court system was labeled as partial, unfair and incapable of delivery justice to the deserved.

In the Judiciary's statement, a total of thirty one(31) political cases were filed. Of these, the All People's Congress(APC) party won a total of eighteen whilst the Sierra Leone People’s party(SLPP) won twelve and the National Grand Coalition won none.

The courts furthered that contrary to the APC's statement, there were no delays in assigning cases. However, the release states that some cases were incompletely filed and fell out of the line of classification as election petition.

They also debunked the matter of assignment of cases specifically for the delivery of captured judgement. This the Judiciary termed as fictitious.

They concluded that in anticipation of grievances relating to elections, they had provided twenty-six (26) judges serve in elections offenses and petition court.


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