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BASE Project Launches National Peace Message Competition

Building Accountability System Through Empowered Communities (BASE) Project,

in partnership with USAID and its implementing partner Independent Radio Network,

launched the National Peace Message Competition at the Peace Museum Hall on

7th December, 2023.

Reverend Rosie Marie Mboma-Sowa, delivering an overview of the project, stated

that the overall aim of the project is to preach peace across the country,

using this competition as a medium of disseminating coherent information

across the country. Messages are to be constructed in Krio to engage and enhance

participation in the progress of the country as they spread peace far and wide.

She furthered that the key factor in the competition is creativity in

messaging, with a cash prize of NLE40,000 for the winner and a NLE 20,000 for

the runner up.

Hassan Kallon, the delivery coordinator for the BASE project, explained that

BASE is a consortium of five local institutions (CARL, BAN, IGR, 50-50 Women

Group and IRN) with support from USAID to work in six districts (Western Rural

Districts, Moyamba, Kono, Karene, Falaba and Tonkolili Districts). Their goal is

to bring together local councils and the citizens to get them to share and

understand the roles of the councils with the roles the citizens can play right

through the daily running of their councils.

During the launching of the competition, Moses Margao, the deputy executive

Secretary for the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion,

expressed elation that Sierra Leoneans are putting every effort to ensure that

peace and serenity is maintained in the country.

He considered the competition very significant, providing a participatory opportunity to

citizens regardless of tribe, race, cultures or political

background, remarking that they have issued over 30 bikes to riders across the

country to preach peace in the hard-to-reach communities and are also using a

toll-free line 898 to reach out quickly to solve every aspect of peace in the


He applauded the competition and said that the message of peace should not be

limited only to competition, but we must continue to strive in every aspect to

make all is well.


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