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Comedian Pee Whiz pens admonition letter to entertainers

Comedian Pee Whiz known for making mockery of everyday issues have taken to social media to pen a comedic letter to fellow entertainers but this time on the very important issues of aligning with political parties in Sierra Leone.

The comedian started out by acknowledging everyone’s right to political association and how normal such should be. He veered off by reminding that Sierra Leoneans are known for their unforgiving spirit especially for entertainers who ventured to be politically active, even if they are just plying their craft by performing at political events.

Pee Whiz reminded that citizens are in the habit of boycotting events of those that have aligned in the past and fellow entertainers are in cohorts and some outright sabotage.

He expressed regret that Sierra Leone couldn’t be like other progressive nations such as NIgeria where entertainers were actively campaigning for their parties and some as influencers and have since returned to their normal work as entertainers, still supportive of each other.

According to him, with upcoming elections in sight, an inevitable increase in political events will occur but caution should be exercised.

With names of entertainers springing to mind for both major political parties, it can be said that this reminder arrived at the right time.

Here's the video below


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