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Dr. Squire outlines plans to reduce drug abuse by 80% within a year 

Dr. James Sylvester Squire, the Deputy National Coordinator of Sierra Leone's Public Health Emergency Agency, recently discussed the government's comprehensive approach to combating drug abuse, with a particular emphasis on the issue of "Kush." 

According to him, Prof. Sahr Foday, their coordinator had launched a comprehensive framework consisting of five strategic pillars, following the declaration and launch of a health emergency response, to effectively address drug abuse.

The first pillar of this framework is focused on prevention methods aimed at reducing drug intake by a substantial 80% within the next year. Dr. Squire emphasizes the importance of self-care treatment for drug addicts as part of the second strategy, along with the provision of vital social support services to facilitate their successful reintegration into society.

The agency recently released 40 youth ambassadors tasked with advocating against drug use and encouraging others to lead drug-free lifestyles, as part of its third strategy. Furthermore, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, the government is intensifying efforts to target and dismantle drug supply chains, addressing the root causes of drug proliferation within the country.

Dr. Squire affirms the government's commitment to eradicating drug abuse and promoting a healthier, drug-free society through collective action and sustained public engagement. Community involvement stands as a critical component of the anti-drug campaign, with ongoing engagement initiatives to update and seek input from community members on progress and future interventions.


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