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Edmond Abu suspends pending protests due to current political climate

Edmond Abu of Native Consortium and Research Center has said in an interview, that he will be suspending all pending and planned protest of his think tank, due to the current political climate, surrounding protestings.

According to him, critiquing the increments in fuel, as well as opposing the proposed Electricity Tariff and Mobile Tariff increments, going as far as labeling them as looting, does not amount to his establishment supporting any action that will threaten Sierra Leone’s peace, which should guard the actions of every individual.

He reaffirmed that their lives begin to end, the day they keep silent about the things that matter.

Peaceful protests, he added, is a fundamental human right but any protest that will lead to insurrection, public disorder that will threaten the overall peace of the nation similar to occurences of August 10, 2022 should be roundly condemned.

He also advised that Religious Leaders, Political Parties, the Media and CSOs should not keep a deafening silence waiting until something happens.

He conclusively calls on the security forces to be professional and admonish them against unnecessary excessive use of force.


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