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Musicians Kao Denero and Delvaqyo engage in public clash after breakup

Former love birds, as well as King and Queen of Black Leo record have taken to social media to accuse each other of varied issues, including domestic violence and infidelity.

The two had broken up in the early months of 2023 but it had only gone out publicly when photos of current Ambassador of Entertainment, Amara Dennis Turay, nicknamed Kao Denero had surfaced with another woman.

Delvaqyo, who had never spoken out to confirm or debunk the rumors, had stayed silent even after photos of Kao wedding another woman had also surfaced online.

However, after a publication on the Ambassador’s page had alluded to betrayal and rejection prompting the breakup and his recent marriage, the management of Delvaqyo Empire responded publicly, warning of evidence in their possession proving otherwise.

They also warned against further actions that may prompt revelations of abuse, infidelity and general classification as “lacking in housewife material”. The went on to make threats of publication of potentially incriminating materials if further onslaught of accusations are made public.

The management’s statement is the first narration of events from Delvaqyo’s side and went as far as labeling the ended relationship as toxic.

Kao Denero’s side has not responded as yet.


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