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Entertainment Secretariat on a recruitment drive

Special envoy for entertainment and Investment Amara Dennis Turay-Jalloh known as Kao Denero has announced that his office has been capacitated with funds for recruitment and project implementation purposes.

Speaking to this medium, he explained that with his work intensifying and his plans to implement existing projects, there is a need for staffing to be done officially. He informed us that this opportunity will be for those with knowledge of the entertainment industry regardless of whether they are entertainers themselves.

He disclosed that people will be employed strictly based on best fit and not on partisan, regional or ethnic ties. He spoke to us that the positions for Secretary, event planner, Accountant, project admin and personal assistant are the most pressing and these will be announced forthwith.

Above is a video of Kao Denero explaining about his recruitment drive on social media.

He furthered that call for applications will last until April 14th 2023.


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